We’re delighted at the great feedback we’ve received from all the people we’ve worked with. So if you don’t mind us blowing our own trumpet a little, here’s a selection of comments from clients and partners.

This has been a tremendous joint effort from everyone involved. It is great to get the chance to do things like tree planting, especially in the current climate with schools and councils facing budget cuts. It is also fantastic to get to do something for our children futures and raise their awareness of the environment at the same time.

Head Teacher, Hounslow

I learned that the tree takes the food from the soil, and breathes in carbon dioxide and gives back oxygen, so we can breathe

Jessica Aged 10, Cranford Primary School, Hounslow

By planting this tree, we are doing something not just for ourselves, but for everyone.

Father Ian Booth, Priest of St. Michaels Church, Wood Green

Doing something for the environment and people’s futures has bought so many different people and faiths together. This is what community work and spirit are all about.

Bibi, Trustee of Wightman Road Mosque, Wood Green

I’ve lived here all my life, and back in the 1930s there were absolutely no trees on our estate. It’s brilliant to have the grassy patches that we do have softened with some additional trees for the community.

Doreen Knight, Resident of Longfield Estate, Southwark

I’m thrilled at how amazing Strode Road looks, what a transformation I can’t stop looking at it and the one outside our window looks amazing from inside the room. The benefits are so great I can’t thank you enough. I thought the day went so well and it was nice meeting some other neighbours that I’ve never met. My kids were overjoyed and buzzing at planting their tree “Blossom” as they now call it.

Mel Atogdina, Resident of Strode Road, Brent